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12 Months Installment Loans are the type of loan with quick processing times and usually take no longer than 14 days to get funds at hand. In fact, we’re so sure about it that the loan period is 30 days shorter in comparison with other financing options.

12 Months Installment Loans Process

The amount usually ranges from $500 to $5000. Unfortunately, minimum loan amounts apply. The amount of time you need the money for plays a role in how much you will be approved for, but even so, applicants with bad credit can be approved for loans of up to $2000 in as little as 3 hours. An unsecured loan is one that does not require any collateral for approval. This is the type of loan we offer here. An installment loan allows you to pay your loans off in installments, so it’s really like a loan with special privileges to it.

Characteristics of 12 Months Installment Loans

Here are the loan characteristics:

  • Instant approval within a few minutes of applying
  • Faxless application and fast transfer of funds to your bank account
  • The minimum credit score is 626 to be eligible. In general, borrowers with a higher credit score get the lowest rates on loans
  • It doesn’t matter your employment status or how much money you make; all you need is an email address and a paycheck coming in each month.

Our network’s lenders approve thousands of borrowers regardless of their employment status every month, with loan amounts starting from $500 to $5000. It’s why we were made. This term means that you can choose to pay little by little until it’s fully paid off. You can pay back the whole loan over 6 months or 18 months, as an example. If you can afford the regular monthly cost, payment every month should not be a problem, but whether you’re able to do so is dependent upon several factors like your obligations and other commitments:

  • You won’t have to answer any tough questions about a co-signer/guarantor.
  • A loan implies a debt; this debt increases your financial obligations and decreases your financial flexibility.
  • A short-term loan does not require extensive financial checks, which results in speedier approval times and easy access to funds
  • An installment loan lets you pay off in installments without having to worry about incurring high annual interest rates

12 Months Installment Loans Rates and Terms

12 Months Installment Loans have competitive monthly interest rates and flexible repayment options that allow you to repay over a longer time. It is not uncommon to find repayment periods lasting up to 54 months with a $2000 loan. The typical borrower tends to use an installment loan to pay for unexpected expenses, such as paying the electric bill, medical bills, car repairs, wedding expenses, etc.

How to Apply for a 12 Months Installment Loans?

To apply for a 12 Months Installment loan, apply online from the comfort of your home, and make sure you provide all the required documentation. You must give your correct contact information and take advantage of online-only rates. When you complete our online complete application, we will review your application and, if approved, will deposit the funds in your bank account. Our first deposit is always made on a Monday or Tuesday, and we can deposit to your bank immediately after you have completed our simple application process. The credited funds will appear in your bank account within 2 business days and can then be withdrawn.

Documents to Apply for 12 Months Installment Loans

The following is a list of the most common documents needed for 12 Months Installment Loans applications:

  • Personal details: this includes their full name, date of birth, contact information, and financial information (i.e., monthly income).
  • Employment details: employment information can vary from good to bad depending on the individual’s situation, the state they are in, and their past credit history
  • Additional requirements like bank statements, proof of creditworthiness.

Best Tips for Taking Out 12 Months Installment Loans

The following are the best tips for taking out 12 Months Installment Loans:

  • Apply Online – this method is always reliable and saves your time. It is also the best way to apply for a loan online if you think you won’t have time to stand in lines at your local bank.
  • Make Sure to Shop Around – 12 Months Interest-Free Loans often have poor rates of interest. Always make sure to check with your current bank or other financial institution before applying for cash advances.
  • Apply Online from Home – fill out the application and submit it from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t worry about those standing in line or waiting for hours to apply at their local bank. You do not need to be physically present to fill out our form as our staff will take care of everything else.