About us

EkFastener has earned huge trust in the financial industry because of providing high-quality online lending matching services.

When you look for a great deal and want to find the best lender to receive a cash advance, we here to help you. Our system helps to find the perfect match between customers and direct lenders, so you will receive the best conditions of obtaining a loan. The only thing you need to do on the website is to fill out the application and wait for the approval. So, if you need to find extra money for extra expenses, your website it here to help you.

EkFastener was created to help people with resolving financial problems and confusions. We have created this resource to collect all answers for all important financial questions, that our users may have. Among with tones of financial information, you will receive access to offers for financial services. We want to help you with financial needs problems and will find the best services, which will cover all your needs.

How it works

Trustworthy Lenders

We work only with the best direct lenders. Unfortunately, we can’t manage or change any terms and conditions of any of the lenders, but we try our best to prevent any illegal acts by lenders.

No Fees

Happy and satisfied users are the main priority goals of our website. We did our best to collect the most useful information for you which may help you with resolving any situation with financial problems. When you apply for a loan, credit card, or other product through our website, we may receive compensation. However, this compensation in no way affects our recommendations or advice.

Anyway, we want you to receive the best solutions, and we will be glad if you do so, even if we don’t earn anything.

Educated borrowers

We want our users to receive all the important information about any financial questions. Therefore, we provide our users with high-quality and UpToDate content that covers any questions and have answers for almost any user demand.