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Many people are completely unaware that a bad credit loan exists. They are convinced they can not get a loan or a good loan because they have been turned down in the past, and their credit score is less than perfect. A bad credit loan gives anyone the ability to get a loan even if they have previous financial problems.

So what is a Bad Credit Loan Guaranteed Approval?

A bad credit loan guaranteed approval is a type of bad credit loan where you will not be denied a loan based on your credit history state. The application process itself is straightforward and fast. Because they aren’t based on your credit, it’s really as simple as applying through one of the various search engines for instant access.

How Do Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval Work?

The bad credit loan guaranteed approval process is straightforward. You look up various lenders that are offering these loans and select the one that suits your needs. Some companies will ask you basic information about yourself, such as your age, income, and how much money you’ll require for the loan.

Once you submit this information, they will give you a clear breakdown of your payment amount and how long it will take to repay the loan. The entire process for a bad credit loan guaranteed approval is quick and simple. By doing a little research on the various companies offering this type of loan, you can find a lender that fits your needs. Online applications and gathering the required information are easy, and you will typically be approved within just a few hours or even faster, depending on the company. Once approved, they will take your application information and relay it to your bank, where you will receive the funds to cover your expenses.

Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval Process

Once your loan application has been submitted, you will get a decision right away on whether or not you qualify for a loan. With a guaranteed approval bad credit loan, you could receive the loan within a few hours, although depending on the lender you choose, it could actually take just a few hours to be fully approved.

The lender may also ask for further information based on the initial application to verify your identity. Some lenders do not require loans since they merely act as middlemen between you and the lender. They collect the details of your loan and convey them to a traditional lender who goes through their normal process to approve the loan and send it out to you. You’ll never know if it’s with a traditional lender or an online lender at this point. Many of these lenders do not require that you have poor credit because they have relationships with plenty of lenders who offer loans with various qualifications.

You will receive the loan approximately five days from when the initial application is submitted, which is faster than other options you might have when trying to find money quickly. In addition to needing a stable job, most bad credit loans guaranteed approval do require that you have an account at a bank in your name to use the funds within if needed. You must review all of your available options before choosing a guaranteed approval loan so that you are certain there aren’t any other alternatives that could work better for your purposes. Once you are approved, your lender will confirm everything once more with you, but most transactions happen automatically at this point.

Risks of Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

  1. Poor Credit The main factor that makes bad credit loans guaranteed approval risky is that they are based on your credit score. If you have poor or even bad credit, then the chances are pretty good that you probably don’t have many other options aside from these types of loans. In most cases, this risk isn’t actually considerable since this qualification is one of the primary reasons people find themselves choosing to obtain a loan of this type.
  2. Paying Interest Paying interest is obviously not something anybody really wants to do, and for this reason, it’s something else to consider when thinking about bad credit loans guaranteed approval. While some lenders ignore charging interest after making a late payment, most charge a fee of between 10% and 36% if you make a late payment. Obviously, this is very high, but it does vary from lender to lender, so be sure you ask them what their policies on late payments are before signing any agreements.
  3. Identity Theft Most legitimate lenders responsible for offering bad credit loans guaranteed approval require identification verification to process your loan. Some of them will also offer online banking as another security measure, even though it doesn’t necessarily mean they are more legit than those who do not. There is always a chance that unauthorized companies get copies of your files and use them to create fake accounts in your name by using that information as proof. It’s important to thoroughly read and understand all documents and understand when you’re being offered a direct account with the lender versus an account with the lender’s agent. You are not confused later about which company has access if you need help with customer service.

How to Apply for a Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

  1. Fill out the application form online
  2. Submit to the lender for approval
  3. Get approved
  4. The lender sends the lender who pays you the money
  5. Get paid